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Pastor David Whitmire

Pastor David Whitmire was born in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas and lived part of his childhood in Rockford, Illinois where his Parents: Gerald and Barbara Whitmire, his sister and brother attended the United Pentecostal Church pastored by Rev. Clarence Jenkins. Later they moved back to their roots in the Walnut Ridge, Arkansas area to a small town called Portia, which was home to them for several years.
Bro Whitmire has been married to Martha (Rowland) Whitmire, since 1985.  Martha is a native of the Mt. Ida area. They have 3 children:  Jacob, Caleb & Rachel. They have gained one daughter-in-law: Mikayla (Cox) Whitmire and one son-in-law: Aaron Jackson.  Bro & Sis Whitmire lived in Northeast Arkansas for 7 1/2 years.  While residing there they attended Apostolic Faith Tabernacle of Hoxie, Arkansas under Pastor Ted Shields.  Bro & Sis Whitmire have served in a variety of positions before Pastoring such as Youth leaders, Sunday School Department, Outreach & Bus ministry and Music department,  and more. Sis Whitmire is the UPCI Section 4 Ladies Ministry Secretary.   Bro Whitmire gained his local license with the Arkansas District, United Pentecostal Church International in 2004.  He and his family evangelized for a number of years.  They would play gospel Bluegrass and  Bro Whitmire would preach in every church that extended an invitation, until the time came when The Lord dealt with Bro Whitmire about beginning a church.  With his Pastor's blessing, Bro Whitmire took a step by faith, and the Lord blessed with a building in Pencil Bluff. The first service was 3 days after submitting to the Lord's will with 27 people in attendance.  A mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost was poured out during this time with many baptisms in the name of Jesus and many receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, as in the early church in the Book of Acts.  There were numerous healings and deliverances from all manner of strongholds. The Lord had a plan to move the congregation to the county seat of Montgomery County which is Mt. Ida in October, 2006.   Mt. Ida is a beautiful town near Lake Ouachita, Arkansas' largest lake, and surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest. Since moving to the Mt. Ida location, the church has progressed in purchasing 6 adjoining lots, through excavation cleared,  leveled with gravel and modernized the sanctuary. Many souls are experiencing the Acts 2:38 experience at this location with revival happening.  They have services on Sunday at 10:00 am, and 6:00 pm., and midweek service on Wednessday at 7:30 pm.