A.C.T.S. (Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series) Drug Education

Alcohol and drug education program offering a holistic approach that encompasses the 

emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of an individual.  Each lesson contains educational 

information covering the physical, psychological, and emotional changes associated with alcohol 
or chemical abuses.  Visual illustrations and historical applications are applied to each lesson to 
enhance the education and understanding of each class participant. Each participant will, in turn, 
be able to relate the lessons into problem solving areas of their own lives.


Anger Management

In a classroom setting using a curriculum based workbook, we explore the cause and effect of 
anger.  The workbook will lead the participant through the journey of themselves, their family, and 
others while providing skills and techniques to control anger and use it in a constructive and 
creative manner.


Employment Development

Students complete job applications, prepare resumes, and practice interviewing skills during this 
course.  The student is also exposed to personal development skills with emphasis on proper 
dress and appearance.




During this workshop, the student is exposed to the elements required to build positive 
relationships with family and others.  By utilizing open discussions, the various facets of positive 
relationships are acquired.  Other topics include domestic violence, work place conflict, and 
positive parenting skills.



An interactive based curriculum support setting that emphasizes how to take an active ”in role” in 
raising children by meeting the child’s physical, emotional, and mental needs.